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“What exactly does it mean by 'difficult'? Does it just mean it's rare for those signs to end up with a Leo, or something else?”

When I say “difficult” I mean it’s going to take a lot of work and many frustrating moments & arguments, but it’ll be a great and lasting relationship once everything gets smoothed over.

Also, these are just one dimensional love matches because you also have to factor in Moon sign compatibility, Mars & Venus compatibility, Rising compatibility… etc.

So just because Sun+Sun compatibility is no good doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed because their Moon+Moon compatibility could be the best. etc

There are a lot of different compatibilities like Sun+Moon, Mars+Sun, Venus+Mars, Mars+Mars, Venus+Venus, ETC ETC.

It’s called synastry, and it’s too long to explain, so you can either google it or rummage around cafeastrology.com

Also, you can check my FAQ section to find your birthchart, and what mars, venus, rising etc all means or what it does.


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